What is Brunch Electronik Festival?

Brunch Electronik Festival is a 3-day outdoor celebration that takes control of 3 venues in Barcelona (Parc del Fòrum, Jardins Joan Brossa and Sala Apolo), to dance during the day and night to the rhythm of more than 90 artists and 5 scenarios at once.

We are addressing lovers of quality music, with international and national artists who want to enjoy great sessions in daylight. At night we will move to the emblematic Sala Apolo, to end the session in style.

Good atmosphere, fully adapted to combat the heat, with shaded areas, fans and water mists, as well as rest areas with hammocks to take a breather between dancing and dancing.


Alegría y compromís

Where there is joy we always commit to different actions promoting equality in general (gender, sexual orientation, racial), sustainability based on reducing the impact of waste in our events and helping the community by collaborating with different associations and getting involved in everything that generates progress or leaves a mark, no matter how small.

¡Food Trucks!

Are you hungry? No problem. We have thought about that and we have prepared a good selection of food trucks so that you can treat your palate. There are vegetarian options. Don’t miss anything!

At Brunch Electronik Festival families are welcome!

A space where the children will enjoy as much as the adults. Petit Brunch is a festival space designed and dedicated so that adults and children can live together in the same place and enjoy together. For this reason we propose different very entertaining activities.

August 11 & 12

Parc del Fórum

Concrete jungle with a surreal feeling of space, large architectural structures of concrete near the beach. We couldn’t think of a better venue to dance during day and night during our first big festival.

August 13

Joan Brossa

Large green space covered with lush and very Mediterranean vegetation. The Joan Brossa gardens are surrounded by a natural and lush landscape, with sunny and shady areas, and with magnificent views of Barcelona.


Can I bring my camera?

Photography or video cameras are not allowed.

What is the method of payment at the festival?

Se puede pagar en efectivo o con tarjeta.

Can you smoke?

You can smoke in outdoor areas, not in closed spaces.

Can I bring a bag?

You can bring bags as long as they are not too big (i.e. you can bring a backpack but not a suitcase).

Sponsors & Partners

If you have any questions regarding the Brunch, please contact us info@brunch-in.com

For press inquiries, please contact to press@brunch-in.com

Neighbors phone: 680 255 036