Brunch Electronik takes care of its environment, and seeks to minimise all its waste as much as possible, in order to reduce its carbon footprint and become a zero waste and 100% circular festival.

Ghost Diving

Part of the space will have exhibition stands built with ghost fishing nets rescued from the Mediterranean Sea by the NGO Ghost Diving Spain, and their materials will be 100% recycled. The Catalan NGO will also present its work and best practices.

Refugio sonoro

A Mediterranean Sound Space "Refugio Sonoro" has been created, where visitors can relax while enjoying a cup of Barcelona-founded, sustainable, local specialty coffee Syra Coffee, and listen to unique Mediterranean soundscapes created by Sound Earth Legacy in collaboration with international artists. SEL is a sustainable creative and sound branding agency whose aim is to record and preserve the sounds of the earth that are likely to disappear due to climate change.

Syra LAB

Brunch Electronik Festival is teaming up with Barcelona-based coffee brand Syra Coffee, with whom we share sustainability values, presenting SYRA LAB, an initiative to rethink and reshape the way people approach coffee, from plantation to cup. Its mission is to develop direct connections with the crops, share insightful industry research, circular solutions and sustainability innovation to reimagine the coffee supply chain.


The Brunch Electronik Festival team works to develop innovative solutions to recycle and transform the materials that go into the festival. A dedicated stand will showcase their latest actions, as well as their latest collaboration with NUNCA (Necesitamos UN CAmbio / We need a change), a multidisciplinary studio that works at the intersection of art, design and architecture to find solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact. They will design specific pieces for the festival built with the sand resulting from the crushing of the glass bottles that become waste from the festival's bars.

In this case, the Barcelona studio will create body stretching pieces for festival-goers and other objects.